From experimentation to practicality

Of all the courses I took in college, the favorite class I took was ECON 174: Negotiations. As part of the curriculum, we learned how game theory and behavioral economics could influence the rational actor (someone thinking logically) in the event of a negotiation. The class had a reputation for being a standout course in the UCSB Economics department, and I enrolled in it the first chance I could.

The professor for the course, Professor Gary Charness, was a very pragmatic individual, and quite frankly didn’t give a damn about a standard lecture-test-lecture-test course format. Instead, Charness wanted us to…

Growing up American-born-Chinese, my parents never ran the dishwasher. A “dishwasher” was not an appliance used to clean dishes, but rather a premium two-tiered drying rack system with a pull-down door, or “a waste of water and electricity”. My sister and I learned about the myth of this American machine in the books we read, the movies we watched, and the shows we saw on television, but we never got to use it for ourselves.

Not until recently, having moved out from home, did I run a dishwasher for the first time. Naturally, I had many questions surrounding this mythical…

The following is a recollection of a recent dive I made in Turks and Caicos.

“Ready? Take one giant step to clear the boat.”

Feeling like Neil Armstrong, I held my regulator and mask with my right hand and took one big leap into the ocean water. A cloud of white bubbles exploded around me, and my vision was clouded as my inflated BCD (buoyancy control device, essentially a vest you can inflate and deflate) brought me quickly back up to the surface. …

What it is and how it works

The Compression Effect

There is a wonderful effect that I have been seeing more of lately which photographers refer to as compression, or “flattening” an image. A subject is framed against a background that appears larger than life — at a scale that our eyes do not see. It is stunning — check out the following shots by @pegs4days and @alexstrohl (who is probably my favorite photographer of all time).


Since switching from PC to Mac 4 years ago, I have been continually impressed by the speed and ease at which a user can navigate through their Apple computer. As someone who loves minimizing navigation time, I have discovered some features that have greatly increased the speed of my work flow. I believe that everyone can benefit by keeping these simple tips in mind.


1. Command + Space

My personal favorite. This shortcut brings up the Mac’s Spotlight Search, which allows users to quickly bring up applications, documents, or pages that exist in the computer. I use this shortcut to quickly change applications while…

6 months ago, Shikha Sharma, Saliq Hussaini, Daniel Lim, Rey Tang, Henry Yu, and I came together and formed a team to compete in UCSB’s New Venture Competition. 6 months, sacrificed social events, and countless meetings later, we finished in 3rd place out of 40 teams as Wanderlease, the premier solution in permanently solving temporary housing. Working as a part of this team over the past few weeks has solidified my personal career ambitions and has given me valuable lessons on becoming an entrepreneur. I wanted to share a few of my thoughts:

1. Pivoting is a real thing

I have always seen in TV shows…

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