Quick Tips to Speed Up Mac Productivity

Since switching from PC to Mac 4 years ago, I have been continually impressed by the speed and ease at which a user can navigate through their Apple computer. As someone who loves minimizing navigation time, I have discovered some features that have greatly increased the speed of my work flow. I believe that everyone can benefit by keeping these simple tips in mind.


1. Command + Space

Knowing this shortcut and what application you want to access, you can also increase your screen size by taking out the dock at the bottom of the screen.

2. Command + Tab

3. Command + ‘L’

4. Command + ‘~’

5. Command + ‘+/-’

6. Miscellaneous

  • Command + Option + (arrow keys) is used to switch between tabs on Chrome.
  • Command + ‘R’ is used to refresh the window.
  • Command + ‘W’ is used to close the current tab, or window if you have only one tab open.
  • Command + ‘Q’ is used to quit the current application.
  • Command + ‘T’ is used to open a new tab of the same application.
  • Command + ’N’ is used to open a new window of the same application.


1. BetterSnapTool

2. f.lux

3. RescueTime

All in all, I hope these tips help with your Mac usage from here on out. Whether this helps you navigate faster for better or for worse, it will certainly save you a lot of time.